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Volunteer Visa

฿ 44,000

  • You’ll participate in team volunteer work at least twice a month. You’ll need to take pictures for activities and show to immigration to get an extension as well. It’s important thing for this kind of visa.
  • We will take care of your visa and 90 days report for 1 year.
Conditions for Volunteer visa are as follows:
  1. You have to leave Thailand to go to Thai embassy in another country to apply for Non-O visa. Then, you’ll come back with 90 days.
  2. Before your 90 days visa expires, we will take you to immigration to get your extension.
  3. For the first year, you will have to get extension every 3 months — 3times total in one year. For the following year, you’ll just go get one extension for the year.
  4. We need 1 week time to process the documents.
  5. Activities can include helping people like Orphan or Government when they want some help in the city.
Price 44,000 baht including work permit and visa fee, also taking care of 90 days report for one year but not including fee for activities (around 1,000 baht per time)

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